This is a listing of picking available on a typical year.  Being subject to mother nature, please call the stand to confirm picking availability.

-  In our greenhouse, we have hanging baskets of annuals and vegetables.     Have you seen our everbearing strawberries in hanging baskets?  The plant will produce beautiful berries full of flavor all summer long!

JUNE  -  Field Strawberries (2013 -We have rotated the fields and plants are too young for picking)

JULY  -  Lodi Apples (a tart apple, excellent for applesauce!) Paula Red Apples (Not so tart), Clapp Favorite Pears,  Cling Peaches, Blueberries and Raspberries.

AUGUST  -  Free Stone Peaches, Bartlett Pears, Plums, Nectarines, Apples.

SEPTEMBER  -  Free Stone Peaches, many varieties of Apples - see listing, Bosc Pears, Plums.

OCTOBER  -  Many varieties of apples and pears.  Some varieties may be displayed in bins for you to select from because the trees are not with in walking distance for pick your own.  They are all freshly picked and available at the same price as if you picked them. 

Baldwin:  An old fashion apple, used mostly for baking.  It is firm and semi-tart.  Stores extremely well.  Ripens: Mid October

Cortland: Seems to be the most popular for baking.  A larger apple that is moderately juicy and fairly sweet.   It has a non-browning quality that makes it exceptional for salads. Ripens: Late September

Empire: This one is a cross between Macintosh and Delicious.  This apple has an excellent all around use. It's crisp and not too sweet.  Ripens: Late September

Golden Delicious:  Sweet, crunchy and juicy like the Red Delicious is. Universal uses  Ripens: Mid October

Granny Smith: Probably the most tart apple for the fall season.  It has a crisp texture, it's used for baking and loved for eating by those who seek tart apples.  Ripens: Mid October

Honey Crisp: Our newest variety growing in popularity.  It is sweet and crisp.  Used for baking and eating.  Ripens: September

Ida Red: It's tangy taste and firm texture makes it popular for cooking.  Ripens: Late September

Macintosh: A popular snack apple.  Excellent for baking and salads.  Fine for pies and sauces. Especially juicy, slightly tart.  The most aromatic of all apples.  Ripens: Early Sept.

McCouns: The most asked for apple for eating,  also good for culinary uses.  It is a cross of the Macintosh and Jersey Black.  It has a short season and it seems the trees produce a hardy crop only every other year.   It has a sweet-tart, juicy flavor.  Ripens: Mid Sept.

Opalescent:  Mostly used for baking, this crunchy apple has a tart taste.  Ripens: October

Red Delicious: Sweet, crunchy and juicy.  Used all-around for baking and eating.  Popular with the kids for their lunch time snack.    Ripens: Early October

Russet:An old fashion apple, used mostly for baking.  It's firm and semi-tart.  Ripens: Mid October

Handle with care:
Handled and stored properly, unbruised apples have a storage life of 90 days or more.  Follow these suggestions for getting the most out of your apples:

  • Choose apples that are bruise-free and firm to the touch.  Bruised applies can decay quickly.
  • Handle apples gently to prevent bruising and skin damage.
  • Store apples in the refrigerator--they'll last up to ten times longer than if left at room temperature.
  • Apples absorb orders easily, so keep them away from foods with strong odors.

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